Classes at Lovelyarns!

Added on by Clare Nicholls.

I started teaching weaving classes at Lovelyarns, a local yarn store here in Baltimore back in October. I teach weaving on floor looms as well as tapestry lap looms. I love teaching.

Lovelyarns has a small weaving classroom with four floor looms, each an eight shaft Macomber.

My students are wonderful-- they're often experienced knitters wanting to get into something different. I have to tell them that I don't know anything about knitting yarn weights and their eyes get wide.  They're always full of he best questions. "How do I--?" and they'll motion with their hands. My answer: "A zig-zag pattern? That's called a twill..." 

It was very exciting to work with a single woven structure this past April. I had students weaving waffle weave, but experimenting with color. We discussed how color interacts between the warp and the weft, and how certain colors next to each other change under the eye.

Tapestry classes have been exciting as well. I always ask what weavers a student has been looking at, because that changes the techniques we focus on in class. You love wild, fluffy roving, eccentric wefts? Let's do that. More into geometry? Let's build some shapes. I make sure to ground students in good technique-- weft bubbling, yarn handling, etc, because in order to understand their goals, they have to know how the grid can get them there.

I also had the pleasure (no pictures, though) of helping out a private student figure out a loom she had gotten off of Craigslist. Some screws needed to be tightened, but the wood was sound and there wasn't any rusted metal. We had a great couple of hours playing and discussing the differences between floor looms with treadles and table looms with levers.