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Beginner Weaving

Lovelyarns | 3610 Falls Road, Hampden MD 21211
To register, call (410) 662-9276

Sunday, November 4                  11am - 3pm                       
Sunday, November 11                11am - 3pm
Sunday, November 18                11am - 3pm

Be guided through your first weaving project on a multi-shaft floor loom. Learn about warping, threading the loom, sett, and basic weaving structures.

Experimental Weaving @ Lovelyarns


Lovelyarns | 3610 Falls Road, Hampden MD 21211
To register, call (410) 662-9276

*Dates TBD; next offered December 2018

Play on the loom in this intuitive approach to creating fabric. Learn about supplementary weft (also known as inlay) to create projects that experiment with color, texture, and image. This technique creates a fabric that has a front and a back. Participants will learn how to calculate warp and weft needs, and set up an eight shaft loom in a straight draw pattern.Beginner friendly/no experience required. See examples of this technique under work>supplementary weft!

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Beginner & Intermediate Tapestry Weaving @ Lovelyarns

$100 & $150

Lovelyarns | 3610 Falls Road, Hampden MD 21211
To register, call (410) 662-9276

Beginner Tapestry Weaving: $100 workshop fee includes 3 hours of instruction, warp, and yarn

Get started in the wide world of tapestry weaving in this three hour workshop. Learn how to warp a basic tapestry loom and explore different techniques to make shapes, lines, and fringe in this method of weft-faced weaving. You will develop your own vocabulary of shapes, images, and color. Tapestry equipment-- loom, shuttle, needles, warp yarn-- will be provided and available for purchase. There will be weft yarn options to explore, but you are encouraged to bring or buy weft yarn. (Recommended weights are DK, worsted, Aran, or bulky.) 

Tuesday, November 13 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Intermediate Tapestry Weaving: $150 workshop fee includes 3 hours of instruction loom, warp and some yarn.

Take your tapestry weaving to the next level by building your own copper pipe loom! Learn about how to warp a loom without notches or nails and techniques to make your weaving more efficient with heddles (also known as leashes). Explore color blending, eccentric wefts, and how to execute a design. You will be provided with materials for loom and warp yarn, but must bring or buy your weft yarn. (Recommended weights are DK, worsted, Aran, or bulky.) 

Tuesday, November 20     5pm - 8pm

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Private Weaving Lessons

Just bought a loom and feel lost?

I offer private lessons— get in touch to get weaving.

Previous Workshops 

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Tapestry Workshop

January 2018 @ Trohv

January 2018 | We returned to Trohv, the best-smelling store in Baltimore, and explored loops and shapes.

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Beginner Tapestry

December 2017 @ Lovelyarns

December 2017 | In this four-session course, students built their own tapestry loom out of wood and then learned how to warp and weave.

Tapestry Weaving

September 2017 @ Trohv

September 2017 | We explored building shapes and playing with color in Trohv's cozy workshop space.


Indigo Wall Hangings

June 2017 with Wax & Wane Fiber @ Trohv

June 2017 | With Wax & Wane Fiber, we dyed cotton blue with magical indigo and made macrame wall hangings.


Weaving in the Woods

September 2016 with Make Tribe @ Irvine Nature Center

September 2016With Make Tribe, we learned the basics of tapestry weaving in a glorious field at Irvine Nature Center.

Photos by Horace and Mae Photography